How to wire the top edge of a corset

How to Wire the Top Edge of a Corset with Hat Wire #62-9016-01 or 90

      1. Measure the length of wire you need.
      2. Cut the wire with wire cutters.

      3. Bend the cut ends back on themselves using needle nose pliers

      1. Fold a length(as needed) of 19mm wide twill tape in half lengthwise
      2. Edge stitch to form a casing
      3. Slide in the wire into the casing you have made, stitch ends closed

      1. Stitch your bias binding to the right side of you corset as usual
      2. Stitch your encased wire into your bias binding and corset seam allowance

      3. Now fold your bias binding over the corset edge, encasing the covered wire, stitch into place as usual.

The top edge of your corset is now wired and can be shaped.

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