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How to Tip Corset Bones with Farthingales Bone Tipping Tool Pliers

How to Tip Corset Bones with Farthingales Bone Tipping Tool Pliers


The Prym Vario Pliers are the pliers that Farthingales chose to develop their Bone Tipping dies for. Dritz sells a similar pair that will also work.
These pliers fit even a small hand and take very little strength to secure the aluminum "U" tips that Farthingales sells for capping the ends of corset bones.

The pliers have jaws much like any other pliers but there is a plastic cap in each jaw that has a hole in it. The post of each die fits into these holes.

Printed instructions come with all orders that include dies.

  • Slide the larger die into the lower jaw. It will be able to twist and that's okay
  • The opening of the larger die should be facing away from the jaw hinge - so that you can slide a bone into it.
  • Slide the "plunger" shaped die into the top jaw.
  • This top die is not symetrical and this is important!
  • The right angle bottom edge of the plunger shaped die needs to be at the open end of the larger die
  • Slowly close the jaws of the pliers to make sure you have them lined up correctly

If you're right handed place the pliers in your left'll need your right hand to place the bone into the die and there really is very little strength required.

  • Place a tip on the end of the bone
  • Slide the bone with the tip on the end into the lower die - all the way to the end.
  • Squeeze the pliers shut with your left hand
  • Open the jaws, remove the bone and check the tip is secure

     NOTE: the bone tip will not fit flat in the bottom of the die until after it has been pressed

    That's it - very easy and very little strength required. Never squeeze really hard, there is no need to and you might break the dies.

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