how to blunt the ends of corset bones

How to Tip Bones, Bone Tipping Instructions (Two Pair of Pliers)

How to Tip Bones, Bone Tipping Instructions (Two Pair of Pliers)

Bone Tipping Instructions

Applying the metal tips to bone ends the "old way" with two pair of pliers takes a bit of practice and can be a bit frustrating to start with. Consider out bone tipping dies and Vario pliers.

Tips #91-8014-04 fit spiral bones #91-8004-96, Tips #91-8015-06 fit spiral bones #47-8000-96 and spring steels #50-8206- series as well as hoop steel #50-8406-06,Tips #91-8016-11 fit spiral bones #28-8001-96 and hoop steel #50-8405-10

  1. Tools:

  • bolt cutters or tin snips
  • 2 pairs of needle nose pliers
  1. 1) Cutting the spiral bone:

  • Bolt cutters work best and take the least effort.
    Simply nip the outer wire on each side of the coil!

2) Cutting the spring steel bone:

  • I only have success with bolt cutters as they grip the steel more firmly. Apply the bolt cutter’s jaws to the spot you wish to cut, squeeze firmly. Using the hand not holding the bolt cutter, apply pressure downward to steel on either side of jaws with thumb and forefinger. It does not take much and the steel will snap.

That’s it. Very little strength is required compared to trying to cut across the whole bone, which is what seems to be necessary with tin snips.

  1. Applying the tip, the tricky part.

Instructions are for applying tips to spiral bones from a right handed perspective. You will need two pairs of Needle Nose Pliers.

  1. Take up one pair of pliers in your right hand.
  2. Place a tip between the jaws, flat sides facing the jaws.
  3. Squeeze very gently, just enough to grip the tip.
  4. Place cut and trimmed bone end into the tip, squeeze just hard enough to grip tip and bone.
  5. Take up second set of pliers in your left hand, apply jaws to the side of the tip which are exposed, squeeze both pliers simultaneously with equal pressure. Squeezing simultaneously is crucial. If pressure is only applied in one direction then the tip will squeeze out in the opposite direction and you will never get them set.

This process does take some practice and some people have said they resorted to glue for help… throwing the pliers will not help. Try "Jewel" glue or any glue for metal.


It is very important that the tips fit snugly and cannot catch on the fabric when being slid in and out of casings, this can cause snag marks or even worse; they can come off after they are in the casing.

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