How to Set Grommets: Basic Grommet Setting Tips

Basic Grommet Setting Tips

  1. Always test your setting technique on scrap of the same fabric and same number of layers.
  2. When hammer setting, always work on a stable surface which will not flex with the pounding of the hammer. The floor is the best surface but can be awkward.
  3. Work slowly and carefully. It is impossible to "unset" a grommet.
  4. The grommet goes on the "right side" or "outside" of the garment and the washer goes on the inside.
  5. Always use a washer!
  6. Only use rubber or rawhide mallets.

Grommet Machines

The grommet machine sets grommets perfectly and with ease. It is however quite large and not to be considered a mobile unit. It requires three screws in order to be mounted onto a table. As it functions on the principle of leverage it must be mounted on a table in order to work effectively.





A) By Machine

1. Punch hole in fabric

2. Place the washer over the spike in the bottom die. It is slightly concave on one side and this side should face upward. Pretend it has to hold a drop of water.
3. Fit the grommet through the hole in the fabric. Place the grommet and fabric onto the spike of the lower die, fabric side down.
4. Slowly pull the lever down so that the grommet sets evenly.


    B) With Pliers

    1. Punch hole in fabric with included hole punch. Use rubber mallet.
    2. Place grommet through hole in fabric.
    3. Pliers should be in your hand with the longest center "probe" coming up from the bottom jaw.
    4. Place the fabric and grommet on this with the grommet against the jaw, the fabric upper most and the probe through the grommet hole.
    5. Slowly squeeze the pliers shut to attain an even set.

    NOTE: We have found that the shank of grommet is not always long enough on this kit and that a rough finish can result. This could be uncomfortable next to the skin and a placket may be required to finish the garment.

    C) With Hammer Punch Tool

    Hammer Setting Kits require a rubber or rawhide hammer which is NOT included.

    1. Punch hole in fabric with included hole punch.
    2. Place grommet through the hole in the fabric.
    3. Place grommet and fabric, with grommet on bottom, onto the round metal disk. Grommet should rest in the circular groove found on the top of the disk.

    1. Place washer over grommet with fabric in between.
    2. Place the steel setting tool over the washer with the "probe" entering the grommet and washer hole.

    1. Be sure all pieces are in place and hammer 3-4 times.

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