How to get yourself into a corset with front opening busk

How to get yourself into a corset with front opening busk.

The assumption is this will be easy, it’s not unless done properly. Please watch the video linked below for a demonstration.

  1. Loosen the ties in the back, don’t allow them to come out of the eyelets/grommets but loosen it dramatically. It needs to fit around you easily.
  2. Do up the busk, this is fairly simple provided you have followed step one. If you have not then this part is difficult to almost impossible.
  3. Start to tighten the lacing. Yes you are working with your hands behind you and this takes a bit of practice. The method of lacing you have used will affect how quickly you can do this. The "rabbit ears" at the waist is advantageous. You will see photos of this in most of our corset photos. This method creates two places to tighten and loosen your corset: the bottom and the waist.
  4. As the corset gets snug, tie the lacing and adjust your breasts, you do not want them getting flattened and they will have been hanging naturally while you have followed these steps. Use your hands and lift them into place before the corset is tightened. If someone else is helping to pull the laces then raise your arms above your head before the tightening process begins, this will lift your breasts into a better position, manual adjustment may still be needed.
  5. Tighten the corset to a comfortable feel.
  6. You can tighten your corset more after about half an hour and more still later. This is easiest if you have not put on the dress yet!
  7. To remove your corset you must again loosen the lacing. Trying to undo or do up a corset without first loosening the lacing may result in bent busk "eyes". They are quite strong when the pressure is applied after it is done up but not before. Much like a zipper, strong when done up but hard to do up under pressure.


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