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How to Apply Boned Lacing Tape

Applying Lacing Tape with Bone Casing

    1. To ascertain the length of lacing tape you need, measure the back edge of your corset where the lacing tape will be sewn to. (Note: you may have to remove part of the pattern if it has the grommet section on it) You will need two times this length – one for each center back.

    1. Open the folded edge of the lacing tape and place the lacing tape right side to right side of the corset back with raw edges together.

    1. Stitch, following the fold line. Flip the bone casing into place and keep the raw edges (just sewn) in between the folded edges of the lacing tape.

    1. Top stitch and you are done.

    1. Slide in the bones of your choice 50-8206- series or 50-8308- series both fit. Bind the top and bottom edges as usual.

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