Hoop Steel/Crin Steel/Tutu Steel

We have several weights of hoop steel and you will likely be able to find one to suit your purpose. One style is "thread covered hoop steel" (also know as "crin steel"), it can be bent but not easily, comes in 3 widths and two colours; the narrowest is known as tutu steel as it is used in tutus for partner work. The second type of steel is "plastic coated hoop steel" and this comes in varying widths and weights. Both require tin snips to cut.

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Thread Covered Hoop Steel

Thread Covered Hoop Steel
a.k.a Crin Steel

55-8504-01 white
4.75mm (3/16") TUTU steel  

Thread Covered Hoop Steel

55-8509-01 white
55-8509-90 black

Any of the above can be used for cage crinolines, bustles etc. as they can be stitched together through the thread casing. This product is becoming exceedinly harder to get and is mostly used for ballet tutu's and historical reproduction pieces.

Plastic Coated Hoop Steel

Plastic Coated Hoop Steel/Crin Steel

50-8406-06 white 6mm(1/4")
6mm wide X .6mm thick,
this is the same quality as the spring steel bones #50-8206

This product was brought in, for those who build a lot of corsets, to limit waste. Rather than cutting pre-tipped spring steels and having pieces left over which are too small to use, cut just the lengths you need from this which is sold by the metre. It is not easy to cut and requires bolt cutters rather than tin snips. You can use "U" tips 91-8015-06 to tip the ends. You can also use this product for hoops, be sure to tip the ends, and cut the steel at least 8" (20cm) longer than the hoop length needs to be so there is a good overlap, you can then simply overlap them in the casing or you can tape them together.

Plastic Coated Hoop Steel

50-8405-10 white 10mm(3/8")
10mm wide X .5mm thick
this is a light weight hoop steel better used for bustles and small hoops rather than large hoops (unless several hoops are incorporated). Easily cut with tin snips.

Plastic Coated Hoop Steel

50-8406-14 white 14mm(1/2")
14mm wide X .55mm thick
this is our strongest hoop steel which is capable of supporting large hoops and heavy fabrics without collapsing. It cannot be used for the tighter curves required by a bustle.


NOTE: These hoop steels are made of spring steel and the ties that bind the coils should never be cut. Not only because you will have a major tangled mess on your hands but because they are coiled under pressure and cutting the ties is dangerous. Spring steel naturally wants to "spring" out straight.

 Making a MASCOT - consider hoop steel for flexibility and durability.

Making a CHILD'S COSTUME - look at our German Plastic Boning for a safer alternative.



connectorsboth640x476.jpg How to Use Hoop Connectors - click here 

If you use item 50-8406-06 or 50-8405-10 as boning for corsets - you might be interested in out Bone Tipping Tool as it can cut and tip these two qualities of hoop steel. Click her for more information "Bone Tipping Tool".





hoop connectors, metal for 11mm wide steel

Click on the picture for a back view and you can go to the Tips & Tricks page for more info and pics.



hoop connectors, metal for 14mm wide steel

Go to the Tips & Tricks page for more info and pics.



hoop steel 10 mm wide X .5 mm thick

A light weight hoop steel this is great for Civil War Hoops, Edwardian Bustles and Panniers.  This is also the steel of choice for corsets by several of our European customers.

Cap the ends with either

  • 91-8016-11 or 91- 804E-11
$83.15/30 M


hoopsteel 6 mm wide x.6 mm thick

For Corsets

This is the same quality as bones 50-8206- but sold by the meter rather than by the piece. You'll need bolt cutters to cut this steel and "U" tips #91-8015-06 to cap the ends. Buy as little or as much as you need then cut it to the lengths you want.

For Hoops

There are no connectors for this product as it's typically used for corsets, however it can work well when multiple hoops are required. Cut the steel at leat 8" longer than the hoop desired. Cap the ends with "U" tips and alow the ends to overlap within the casing you make.


$196.05/100 M


hoopsteel 14 mm wide X .6 mm thick

Our heaviest hoop steel this is the perefect choice for Farthingales where heavy fabrics need to be supported


$158.74/50 M


fine plastic coated wire 2.5 mm wide X 1.4 mm thick

A very fine yet very strong wire that is not a good choice for corsets as it's impossible to blunt the very sharp cut ends. It is a great choice for period multi wire bustles and cages that have wires very close together and create complex shapes where the ends can be overlapped and tapped.

$82.01/63 M


hoop steel thread covered 4.75 mm wide

Also known as "tutu steel" and "crin steel" this is most popular with our ballet and museum customers as it's used in tutu's for partner work and it's been around since the late 1800's. The steel is encased in threads.


$147.20/25 M


hoop steel thread covered 4.75 mm


Also known as "tutu steel" and "crin steel" this is most popular with our ballet and museum customers as it's used in tutu's for partner work and it's been around since the late 1800's. The steel is encased in threads.

$163.11/25 M


hoop steel thread covered 9.5 mm white
$172.85/25 M


hoop steel thread covered 9.5 mm black
$192.74/25 M


spiral bone tips 1/4 in (6mm)

Used for covering the ends of cut spiral bones 47-8000-. Can also be used on cut ends of spring steel bones 50-8406-06.




spiral bone tips 7/16 in (11mm)

Used for covering the ends of cut spiral bones 28-8001-96. Can also be used on cut ends of spring steel bones 50-8405-10.




hoop steel ends, plastic for 11mm wide

Plastic tips to place on the ends of steel to cover the sharp cut edges and to offer the ability to sew the steel ends to fabric. Ideal for partial hoops such as the top layers of the Civil War hoop petticoat and for bustles, stitch the steel ends to a fabric foundation. They can also be used in boned bodices and corsets where wider steel is used. The tips blunt the end and can be stitched into place to avoid shifting.

  • These tips fit the following items:
    50-8405-10 hoop steel
    50-8125-11 German Plastic Bones
  • 28-8001-96 wide spiral
$13.73/10 PR


10 metres springsteel bones 1/4 in, 1/2 gross tips instructions

This is a great starter kit as most corsets will take less than 10m of steel and you may just find you have enough for 2 corsets. Instructions for cutting and tipping the steel are included

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