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Spiral bones 7/16 in (11mm) Kit
7/16" spiral bones and bone tips

Price per Kit C$30.25

Product Code: KIT-8001-96

This Spiral Bone Kit has10 metres spiral bones 7/16 in (11mm), 1/2 gross of tips and instructions This is a great starter kit most corsets require less than 10m of bones and you may find you have enough for 2 corsets. Instructions for cutting and tipping spiral bones is included.

Not sure how to apply bone tips to corset bones? Watch the video for one way to do it.

Don't forget bone casing tape...see below for the appropriate size.

Looking for an easy way to apply bone tips to corset bones? Check out the pliers and bone tipping dies below!
How to Tip Corset Bones with Two Pair of Pliers

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