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How to use “Hoop Connectors”
How to use “Hoop Connectors” The "hoop connectors" were designed by one of our customers and Farthingales had them made. They are constructed of rust proof steel that increases the
Instructions for Panniers 1720 - 1780
Hooped Petticoat / Panniers 1720 - 1780 The hooped petticoat of this time period may be known to some as "panniers" or "hip improvers". This steel structured undergarment adds li
Instructions for Simplicity Corset 9769
Simplicity Corset Pattern #9769 Authentic Civil War Corset, Chemise and Drawers The Simplicity Chemise is not a simple garment to construct. The pieces have been drafted with attention
Information for Mantua Makers Corset of 1860's & 1870's
The Mantua Maker Corset Pattern for 1865-1880 "The Underside of the 1860's & 1870's" Our number 00-pattern-33 The Mantua Maker Patterns are well drafted but the instruct
How To Shorten a Finished Hoop Petticoat
How To Shorten a Finished Hoop Petticoat Plan A Take pintucks between the bone tapes.(#1) You can let them out later if the lady gets taller. Plan B Take it all
Information for Hoop and BustlePatterns
Tips & Tricks 1856-1889 Hoops and Bustles 00-PATTERN-12 Laughing Moon Mercantile Hoops and Bustles 1856-1889 for Civil War, Victorian, Dickens, Science Fiction and Bridal.
Instructions for The Mantua Maker Elizabethan Farthingale Pattern
Tips & Tricks Spanish Farthingale 1480-1600 Pattern #00-PATTERN-46 By The Mantua Maker Cut out the paper pattern pieces and tape them together as directed in the instructions.
Working with Steel in Costume Building
Working with Steel in Costume Building Talk given by Linda Sparks, Farthingales, August 19, 2001 Along with the increase in demand for steel and costume building supplies, there has been