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Information for Hoop and BustlePatterns
Tips & Tricks 1856-1889 Hoops and Bustles 00-PATTERN-12 Laughing Moon Mercantile Hoops and Bustles 1856-1889 for Civil War, Victorian, Dickens, Science Fiction and Bridal.
Information for Laughing Moon Bustle and Petticoat
Tips & Tricks Victorian Corset with Petticoat circa 1870-1900, Bustle circa 1886 Bustle No steels are required by this pattern however we used two 30cm spring steels
Information for Laughing Moon Walking Skirt
Victorian Walking Skirt 1890’s, Walking length, Short Train & Long Train Skirt Note: Skirt does not fit over Laughing Moon Bustle Pattern 00-PATTERN-02
Information for Saloon Girl and Can Can Dancer Pattern
Saloon Girl also Can Can, Dance Hall, Carnival and Circus performer Above photo shows Laughing Moon's samples Can Can with hat and stockings, Saloon Girl with drape, bustle and over