Spring Steel Bones - Light, Bundle of 10
Spring Steel Bones - Light, Bundle of 10

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Spring Steel Bones - Light, Bundle of 10

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Bundle of 10 - 9 inch long
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Bundle of 10 - 10 inch long
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Bundle of 10 - 11 inch long
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Bundle of 10 - 12 inch long
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American made light weight spring steel bones. Bundle of 10
white bones, super light spring steel bones are very flexible and very thin compared to our usual stock item 50-8206 series (these are about half as thick at only .355mm). These spring steel bones are 1/4" wide and are the only spring steels that we sell in "imperial measurement" - meaning they are sold in inch lengths rather than in centimeter lengths.

These bones are not included in any of our bulk/volume discounts as sizes are limited. Price is for a bundle of 10 bones.

Note: the fact that these are very thin means they are easy to cut, but..."U" tips do not secure to these very well. You may need a drop of glue to keep tips on.