Fosshape 400 Black Full Meter
Fosshape 400 Black Full Meter

Fosshape 400 Black Full Meter

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Fosshape 400 black is a mid-weight Fosshape and can be used for pretty much anything that the white Fosshape can be used for. It's a great option for top hats and other men's hats as it's already black. Expect a shrinkage rate of about 30% when it is fully shrunk and hardened. Keep in mind that when you work with a capeline you stretch it, so it gets bigger but Fosshape shrinks - so order more than you think you need.
You may be able to get two hats from 1 meter of Fosshape - which is great value compared with working with capelines.

Black Fosshape 400 sold in full meters. If you want to try it out, you can order a half meter.

Be sure to get some woven boning or millinery wire (see Above) to help create structure.

Watch the How to Work with Fosshape VIDEO