Bone Tipping Dies for Hand Press tool, tips 6mm bones

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Bone tipping dies for 6mm or 1/4" bones, these fit the Farthingales Hand Press Tool
These custom made bone tipping dies are used to securely apply "U" tips to corset bones using the Farthingales Hand Press Tool.
  • These dies will tip corset bones that are 6mm or 1/4" wide - spiral or spring steel
  • These dies were designed to work with Farthingales "U" tips which are made of aluminum and are easy to squeeze.
  • The Hand Press tool - that you may already own
  • Price is for dies only and does not include the tool
  • The diameter of the post for the upper die is 12mm (.472 inches)
  • The diameter of the post for the lower die is 8mm (.314 inches)

Customer Reviews

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Compatible with my press!

I love these. I was searching and hoping to find something that would fit my DK-98 kam press (now discontinued). The bottom die fits perfectly. The top die fit after some light sanding around the post part. So excited to save my hands the pain of the double pliers system!

Dianna DiNoble
Beyond my expectations

I put off ordering these dies for some time, clinging to my old methods of pliers. I wish I could turn back time and order them when they came out. They are amazing, durable and easy to use, with both spiral and even spring steel! I love them, can can't recommend them enough. Stop what you are doing right now, do yourself a favour and buy these!