Hoop steel by the meter can be used for corset bones
Hoop Steel 6mm (1/4 inch)  wide x.6 mm thick

Hoop Steel 6mm (1/4 inch) wide x.6 mm thick

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5 meters
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This product is the same quality as our corset bones 50-8206-series. If you need custom lengths of corset bones you may want to purchase this product along with some "U" tips to cap the ends. Cut the lengths you need and have no wasted boning.

A discount of 20% is factored into the price of 100 meters

Note 1: meter is approximately 3" longer than a yard.

Note 2: scissors will not cut this steel. You need tin snips and they work best if they have the letters CrM (yes, lower case r) molded into the jaws.

Note 3: Yes, you can use this steel for hoops, but there are no connectors for it. Cut this steel 20cm (approximately 8") longer that your desired hoop circumference so that the ends overlap within the casing - be sure to finish the cut ends as they will be sharp. You can use the "U" tips to finish the ends.

Note 4: what is the white coating? "thermoplastic elastomer"

We also stock 5mm and 7mm wide hoop wire, as seen in the 2nd image.