hoop wire 1/4" wide (7.5mm)
close up of 7.5mm hoop wire
hoop steel 7mm wide for corset making
bulk hoop wire, 1/4" wide a.k.a flat bones by the meter
hoop wire 1/4" wide with U tips for ends create corset bones
flat bones, white 1/4" wide

Hoop Steel 7mm (5/16 inch) wide by .65mm thick

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This is a new hoop wire product for Farthingales in 2022. Similar in quality to our popular 6mm hoop steel, but a tiny bit wider at 7.5mm(will still fit the same casings) and a tiny bit thicker - not enough to notice. NOTE: this steel does not fit 6mm tips! You will need to order 7mm tips. This is commonly used for corsets - just tip the ends with "U" tips.

Steel shortages are happening around the world and we've brought this in to fill the gap until the 6mm is back in stock - hopefully in early June!!! Yes, that's a long wait....it will now be later July. Stay tuned!

A 20% discount is factored into a 100 meter coil.  Grid is made of 1/4" squares.

  • You cannot cut this with scissors
  • You will need tin snips with serrated jaws. The best ones have the letters CrM molded into the jaw
  • Yes, you can use this for hoops! It is strong enough.
  • There are no hoop connectors for this steel - cut the hoop at least 8" (20cm) longer than the hoop circumference required and overlap the ends. Be sure to cap the ends with U tips so they are not sharp!
  • You will need 7mm tips - Not 6mm tips(they will not fit)
  • 1 meter is about 3" longer than 1 yard (5 meters is almost 5.5 yards)
  • NOTE: I have found that this steel is harder to cut than our usual 6mm one.