Hoop steel 10mm (3/8 inch) wide X .5 mm thick

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SKU: 50-8405-10-5M
Hoop steel 10mm (3/8 inch) wide X .5 mm thick - 5 meters
$13.00 4
SKU: 50-8405-10-10M
Hoop steel 10mm (3/8 inch) wide X .5 mm thick - 10 meters
$26.00 6
SKU: 50-8405-10-20M
Hoop steel 10mm (3/8 inch) wide X .5 mm thick - 20 meters
$52.00 2
SKU: 50-8405-10-30M
Hoop steel 10mm (3/8 inch) wide X .5 mm thick - 30 meters
$66.00 73
This hoop wire is 10mm wide (slightly less than 1/2 inch). A typical Civil War cage crinoline will require about 30 meters.
Sold in pre-measured coils
  • there is a discount on a full 30 meter coil
  • 1 meter is about 3" longer than 1 yard
  • white coating is thermoplastic elastomer

NOTE: scissors will not cut this steel. You need tin snips and they work best if they have the letters CrM (yes, lower case r) molded into the jaws.

Customer Reviews

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Flexible enough to squish the hoop skirt through doors and into cars, put it pops right back into shape, even under the weight of fabrics

Grace R

Packaged well, easier than I expected to work with, and is exactly as advertised. I made a cage crinoline and it looks amazing! I look forward to ordering from here again. Tin snips did in fact work, I needed help a few times since I'm not very strong, but this discolored random pair I found in our garage worked :) I cannot speak highly enough of this product.

Would love to see a picture on our FB page.

Connor Olson
Best hoop steel

Best hoop steel I have ever bought! It retains it shape very easily

Jacqueline Ward
Customer review

Excellent, just what I needed

Joel Barkley
Hoopsteel 10mm 30m roll

Excellent product and amazing customer service. High quality hoop steel with great spring. Fast delivery and excellent packaging.