Rivets n D rings

Corset D-Rings

"D" rings are some times called "lacing rings" and offer a decorartive alternative to setting eyelets or grommets. D rings can be stitched on by hand, but the most secure way to attach them is to use a rivet. Rivets and "d rings" are available in matching colours or you can mix the colours as they are sold separately.


Corset Rivets

Rivets can be decorative or used to secure "d-rings" for lacing. Rivets consist of two parts; a post and a cap. #79-9630 is considered a "double cap" rivet because the "post" has no divet in the bottom; the bottom of the post looks just like the top of the "cap". Always test the rivets on scrap layers that are identical to the layers of your project - rivets have a predetermined set depth and they may nt set flush with your top layer of fabric.

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