Plastic Bones

Plastic boning or "synthetic whale bone" is sold by the meter and are of excellent quality. German plastic bones are far superior, in our opinion, to Rigilene and other plastic bones found at North American retailers. They come in four different widths, can be sewn through and are easily cut with scissors. The cut ends do not fray and any rough bit can easily be removed with a swipe of an emery board. They are unaffected by water which allows them to be used in swim wear or hand washable garments. Both German Plastic and Synthetic Whale Bone come packaged in 50 -100 meter spools and coil up naturally due to this. When sliding these bones into a bone casing, alternate the direction of the arc/curve. If you slide all pieces into their channels with the curve going in the same direction you will get a "warped" garment, to avoid this effect alternate the direction of the curve of each bone. These are perfectly adequate for most corsets and are a great multipurpose product to have on hand, as they can also be used for millinery and children's costumes...including wings!

You really need to try these bones to believe how versatile they are. 

Woven boning like "rigelene" is not a good boning for corsets, but it is a remarkable product for creating 3 dimensional shapes like "cages" and it is stronger than many of the woven bones on the market. It's appropriate for making under-structures to support Fosshape or other materials.  Use if for children's costumes and bodices and one of it's great characteristics is that it can be sewn through easily.

If you're not making hoops with it be sure to order the "caps" so you can tip the ends easily - otherwise the boning does fray and leaves a prickly end. The cap that fits will have the same product number but includes a "C" in it. The caps are rubbery and can be sewn through...and can stretch to fit the next size up of boning.

Note: 1 meter is approximately 3 inches longer than 1 yard

The background grids consists of 1/4" (6mm) squares