Hoop connectors, metal for 14mm wide steel

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Hoop connectors make for easy hoops, these fit 14mm hoop steel.
These hoop connectors are engineered for our strongest steel which is 14mm wide (a bit more than 1/2 inch). This ultimate hoop steel can be used for Elizabethan Farthingales that support heavy fabric and for mascot bodies that see a lot of action. Strong but flexible you can still walk through narrow doorways and sit down without difficulty or misshaping.

NOTE: these can have a greasy residue left over from the lubricant during manufacturing. If they do; put them in a sink with some dish washing detergent and swish them around with hot water, then let them dry before using.

Hoop connectors
are used to connect the two ends of a length of hoop steel to create a complete circle - or "hoop".

Customer Reviews

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White Octopus

Needed to be able to change the amount of support on a costume skirt from stiff to more fluid. These connectors allow me to remove a hoop if I need to change the amount of movement of the skirt. Exactly what I needed. So grateful.

Ralph Huntley
hoop connectors, metal for 14mm wide steel

Found the connectors very helpful, Would not have started a project that's taken 20 years to finished. Thank you

Nathalie Fréchette
Great quality

They fit perfectly on the hoop steel and hold it firmly

Jacqueline Collins
Hoop Connectors

Very easy to use, and they work great! Downside is they're very obviously visible if you're making a cage hoop like I was. They feel like a very industrial item, heavy and strong but also a little greasy/dirty feeling. No dirt or grease was transferred to my white cotton fabric, but they were clearly visible through the fabric.
REPLY: the greasiness comes from the manufacturing - lubrication. We try to keep ahead of the cleaning but if you get some greasy feeling ones toss them in the sink with some dish washing liquid and swish them around, then let them dry before using. The are made of galvanized steel to keep them strong and rust resistant - you can always spray paint them white so they won't show as obviously. Most cages have skirts over top so it's not usually and issue.

Amanda Joy Slasberg
Hoop connectors

Very easy to use