Hoop connectors, metal for 10mm wide steel

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Hoop connectors make for easy hoops. Use these with 10mm wide hoop wire/steel.
This item is custom made for Farthingales and engineered to fit our 10 mm hoop steel item 50-8405-10 (a bit wider than 3/8 inch).

Use these hoop connectors to create a hoop from a length of hoop steel. No tape or rivets required! These hoop connectors are suggested for McCall's Costume Pattern M7306

NOTE: these can have a greasy residue left over from the lubricant during manufacturing. If they do; put them in a sink with some dish washing detergent and swish them around with hot water, then let them dry before using.

A discount of 20% is factored into the price of 12 pieces.

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