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Fosshape is an alternative to buckram - use it to make hats, masks and other items you want to sew and then harden. Steaming and heating Fosshape makes it stick to it's self! This allows you to layer it and to connect it without sewing.

45" wide (114cm) this item is sold by the meter; order one or order more. Orders of this product will not be shipped on a roll but will be folded.

Fosshape 300 sold by the meter. 

Customer Reviews

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I have made many animal head masks from fosshape, it is great stuff. Fantastic to find a supplier in Canada with competitive prices.
Farthingales is consistently great to deal with

Judith MacDonald
Customer review

Received within a few days of purchase. Carefully packaged.

Lexa Shaw
fosshape 300 6 meters

The item arrived quickly which is good. The only issue was that it did not seem to be 6 full meters. I cut it into 1 m pieces and the last one was a good 3" short. As it could have been that I didn't pull the fabric tight each time but just smoothed it out that caused the problem.
I would certainly not let this stop me from ordering again.
REPLY: I apologize if the error was ours. The Fosshape is a very bulky and awkward bolt to handle (we can barely get our arms around it when it's full) and it is possible we were a bit short but that would never be intentional.

Fosshape 300

For hats, props, masks... This stuff will do anything!