Bone Casing Tape - White 1/2 inch (14mm)

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100% cotton bone casing to keep corset bones secure.
Bone casing tape looks like a ribbon, but is actually a flattened tube into which a bone can be slid - after the casing is sewn onto the garment.  Made in USA

Check out the bones that fit this casing, they're listed above. Note: bones should not fit tightly, they should have room to move. 

Discount of 25% on full roll of 45 meters

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sarah Bent
Very easy to sew.

Enjoying my corset construction with these.

Josh Hoyles
Customer review

Sturdy stuff!!

Rachel Smith
Great product

Construction and sizing is accurate and excellent quality. Would recommend for any corset maker and costume maker needing bone channels.

Rachel Kristin Haggerty
Bone casing

I really like using the casing tape from Farthingales because it is very flat, not two layers stitched together like some other suppliers I’ve tried. The flatness helps it not be so visible through a single layer.

Easy to use

Perfect for quickly adding some boning to a Victorian bodice I was working on. The casing was not too wide nor too narrow and suited my needs perfectly. I would highly recommend it and will be using it for future projects.