Nylon Mesh, Off White
Nylon Mesh, Off White
Nylon Mesh, Off White

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Nylon Mesh, Off White

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Off white nylon mesh for corsets and crinolines
This fine nylon corset mesh is an "off white" colour that makes it almost invisible on some skin tones (I'm a natural red head with very fair skin and it's my hand you can see).

Width: 140-148cm (approximately 54"-60") Content: 100% nylon

Not sure about how to work with mesh when making a corset? Read our PDF  "Tips for Making a Mesh Corset"

This product is sold by the meter. There are three images; one is a single layer of the mesh with a hand beneath it and the hand is on a white sheet of paper, one is a folded pile of mesh showing the intensity of colour that can be achieved and one is a single layer of mesh over a piece of white paper and a piece of beige coutil.

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