Corset Bone and Busk Kit - Synthetic Boning

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8 inch
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10 inch
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12 inch
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13 inch
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I usually recommend that you get your mock-up done before you order bones and busk because it's impossible to known what length you personally will need, until you have made the mock-up and altered it to fit you.

However, sometimes people are keen to jump in and it saves on shipping if you can get everything in one order. So, I've developed a simple kit of busk and synthetic whale bone "German Plastic" boning that works so well for corsets that we sell over 7,000 meters of it a year! You can cut it with scissors - so you don't have to buy any special tools.

Each kit includes:

  • 10 meters of 7mm wide (1/4") boning which is more than enough for an over bust corset. 
  • 1 silver colour busk in the length indicated

Note: Busk lengths are the average for specific types of corsets; Waist Cincher = 8", Under Bust = 10", Over Bust = 12" or 13". If the busk you order is too short - place it as high on the corset as possible and add a hook and eye at the bottom.