Hoop wire 2.5mm (1/8 inch)  wide X 1.4 mm thick/20 meter coils

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Hoop Wire 2.5mm (1/8 inch) wide X 1.4 mm thick/20 meter coils

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Fine plastic coated wire 2.5 mm wide X 1.4 mm thick. Not quite 1/8" wide and not quite 1/16" thick, this is too fine for corset making, but is used by some for creative headdresses. It is not easy to work with, as it is very narrow (the ends are very sharp) and it's surprisingly strong. 

Sold only as a 20 meter coil (approximately 21.6 yards)

To make a hoop with this wire, slide on a 4" piece of shrink tubing, overlap the ends of the wire within the shrink tubing (you can find it above) and shrink the shrink tubing using a heat gun or a steam iron, until it shrinks tightly to secure the connection.

NOTE: scissors will not cut this steel. You need tin snips and they work best if they have the letters CrM (yes, lower case r) molded into the jaws.

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