Spiral Bones 6mm (1/4") by the Meter. European
Spiral Bones 6mm (1/4") by the Meter. European

Spiral Bones 6mm (1/4") by the Meter. European

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These spiral bones are new to Farthingales in 2021. Made in Europe they are being added to our spiral corset bone collection. Clean and beautiful this spiral boning is perfect for many corset and bodice projects - also good for helping doublets maintain their shape without restricting movement. You can even use them in bag making projects to keep the top edge neat.

Sold packaged in pre-measured meter lengths 5m,10m 20m ( 1 meter is approximately 3" longer than a yard). Order the awesome 6mm aluminum "U" tips and cut and finish these bones to the exact size you want. Or you can order this same quality in pre-finished lengths.

Order 90 meters and save over 20%.

The image with two bones shows the difference between this item and our 7mm spiral bone by the meter. The 7mm bone is on the top and this bone is on the bottom. The grid is 1/4".