Corset Swing Hook lg - nickle
Corset Swing Hook lg - nickle
Corset Swing Hook lg - nickle

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Corset Swing Hook lg - nickle

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This corset swing hook clasp is perfect for Steampunk corsets or as a closure on bags.
Acorset swing hook can be used to close the front of corset. The swing hook consists of two primary parts; the right hand side is the swing hook and the left hand side is the eye that the hook catches to "lock" the corset front.

These corset swing hooks have an extra loop that fits over the eye to secure the two pieces together - making it easier to slide the hook into place.

These come with 4 rivets to attach them to your project.

Note: the background grid is made up of 1/4 inch squares

Click here for instruction on How to Apply Corset Swing Hooks

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