Bone Tipping Dies for Pliers, tips 10mm bones

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Bone Tipping Dies for Pliers, tips 10mm bones

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Bone tipping dies for 11mm or 7/16" bones, these fit Prym and Dritz plier
These custom made dies are used to securely apply "U" tips to corset bones.

  • These dies will tip corset bones that are 10mm or 7/16" wide, spiral and spring steel
  • These dies were designed to work with Farthingales "U" tips which are made of aluminum and are easy to squeeze
  • These dies fit Dritz snap setting pliers style (you may have some already)
  • These dies fit Prym Vario pliers as well
  • If you don't own a pair of these pliers you can purchase the pliers just click HERE

Instructions come with the dies. For a general overview see our Blog Post How to Tip Corset Bones

Select items above and know they'll work with these dies! Farthingales cannot guarantee these dies will work with other sourced materials.

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