Prussian Tape, nylon, 5/8 in (15.8mm) white
Prussian Tape, nylon, 5/8 in (15.8mm) white

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Prussian Tape, nylon, 5/8 in (15.8mm) white

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Prussian tape is a tightly woven twill tape and is suitable for making corset bone casings. This Prussian tape is 5/8 inch wide and can be used to encase 7/16 inch (11mm) wide bones or smaller. Some bones that can be used with this bone casing are found above. Sew right along the edges to secure it to coutil, and slide the bones in.
It makes for a strong but minimal bulk bone casing. White

1 meter is approximately 3" longer than 1 yard

Note: A 15% discount has been factored into the price of 90 meters.

The back ground grid is made of 1/4 inch squares.