Prussian Tape, nylon, 5/8 in (15.8mm) black
Prussian Tape, nylon, 5/8 in (15.8mm) black

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Prussian Tape, nylon, 5/8 in (15.8mm) black

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Prussian tape is a tightly woven twill tape and is suitable for making corset bone casings. This Prussian tape is 5/8 inch wide and can be used to encase 7/16 inch (11mm) wide bones or smaller. Sew right along the edges to secure it to coutil, and slide the bones in.
It makes for a strong but minimal bulk bone casing.

1 meter is approximately 3" longer than 1 yard

Note: A 15% discount has been factored into the 90 meter price.

Some bones that fit this casing are listed above. The back ground grid is made of 1/4 inch squares.