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Books, any one interested in costuming books? You know the ones that require the flipping of pages not the swiping of a screen. I know several costumers who have been torn about what to do with their books as they downsize their homes, so I've offered to put them on the web site and sell what I can. I've let the individuals set the price.

You may find it more cost effective to buy a few things - the base rate for shipping can cover more than one small book, so look around the website and fill your cart. These book CANNOT BE RETURNED.
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Lingerie book from Roman times to 20th Century ISBN 978-3-8365-0508-6 Corset Book ISBN-13: 978-0-7858-2671-2 Costume History book  ISBN 0-486-40292-4
Corsets - A Modern Guide
Our Price: C$5.00
Debut: Yves Saint Laurent 1962 Diana Vreeland Elegance - A Guide to Quality in Menswear
Diana Vreeland
Our Price: C$15.00
Book of Fetish Fashion  ISBN 1-931160-06-6 Corset Book ISBN 0-914046-18-7 Inventive Paris Clothes, 1909-1939: A Photographic Essay (A Studio book)
Book on Lingerie  ISBN 0-312-27141-7 Book on Corsets and Bras ISBN 0-8109-4086-8 Tudor Costume ISBN 0-486-29845-0