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Tutu Making Supplies

Making a tutu can be a fairly simple project when you have the right tutu making supplies on hand. Quality tutu materials, like tulle fabric for tutus and tutu netting fabric, are just a few of the required items.

Tutu net and tutu steel are used in tutu making, you'll find these products here.

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Nylon veiling, white Nylon tulle, warm white Nylon tulle, white
nylon net veiling 300 cm/White
Price per Meter C$11.70

Tulle, Warm White
Price per Meter C$10.85
Tulle, White
Price per Meter C$10.85
nylon net veiling 300 cm white Tulle, warm white 300 centimeters (118 inches) wide Tulle, white 300cm wide (118 inches)
black, honeycomb tutu net white, honeycomb tutu net Black tutu net
Tutu Net Crisp, Black
Price per Meter C$12.00
Tutu Net Crisp, White
Price per Meter C$12.00
Tutu Net, Black
Price per Meter C$8.00
tutu net, black - Italian - crisp 150cm (60 inch) tutu net, white - Italian - crisp 150cm (60 inch) tutu net , Italian - 150cm (60 inch)
Off white tutu net White tutu net black thread covered tutu steel 4.75mm
Tutu Net, Warm White
Price per Meter C$8.00
Tutu Net, White
Price per Meter C$8.00
tutu net , Italian - 150cm (60 inch) tutu net, white - Italian - 150cm (60 inch) hoop steel thread covered 4.75 mm
People often ask "Do I need tutu steel to make a tutu?" the answer is "no". Tutu steel is typically use by professional ballet tutu makers for tutu's used in partner work. The tutu steel helps maintain the shape of the tutu when the ballerina is dancing with a male partner; it keeps the tutu from getting crushed when the ballerina is held against the male dancer. Tutu steel does not have to be used in child tutu's though some ballet schools request it.
Tutu steel is sometimes called "Thread covered hoop steel" and is a form of spring steel that is covered with a braided thread covering. The steel itself can oxidize (rust) and should be kept in a dry environment.
Tutu net is available in regular and "crisp" or stiff. They look alike but the "crisp tutu net" has sizing on it. For children the regular tutu net is a good choice as the edges are less sharp. We sell both qualities to professional ballet companies for pancake or flat tutu's. Romantic tutu's are long and fluffy and our tulle is a popular choice for these. Our tulle is made in Italy and the holes are all very uniform which makes it a better quality than what is made in North America; ballet companies around the world use it.
Tutu's are mounted on a basque or panties and the tutu pantie can be made of our nylon veiling - hard to believe but true! I've seen it done and was amazed because the veiling seemed so delicate but - it's surprisingly strong. The tutu pantie was cut from two layers of nylon veiling; one on the straight grain and one on the cross grain. If you make tutu panties - try it!