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Farthingales believes in the importance of classes - "Why spend time reinventing the wheel, if you can be taught how to make one?". Canceling the "in store" classes was a hard decision to make, but classes can't be run with only 1 or 2 students...unless, it's an on-line class! Farthingales is now offering some Craftsy Classes (now on the "Blueprint" site. When you click on a class link you'll be redirected to the Craftsy website where you can preview the class and opt to purchase the class. You will be purchasing directly from Craftsy.
NOTE: we do offer a couple of "on site" classes; they'll have prices in the description below the image.

What is "Craftsy"? a.k.a Blueprint
  • the fastest growning craft community on the web...over 5 million members
  • host instructors from all over the world
  • has on-line classes in far more than just sewing. They've also got photography, cooking, jewelry making and other "craftsy" subjects
  • their on-line classes never expire
  • you can watch the on-line class when it's convenient for you
  • you can take notes on your computer as you watch the class
  • you can ask the instructor questions - and get answers :-)
  • you can post images of your projects
  • the audio and video is HD quality
Farthingales does earn a small commission on all classes purchased via this website. This commission helps support the cost of this webpage.
Click Online Sewing Classes to go to the complete selection of Craftsy/Blueprint classes. Search for "Corset" and you'll find my class and another more basic class.

Check back to see what classes we add!