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These bones can be sewn through and a great for making unique shapes but not for supporting a body in a corset. They come in various widths and the end caps can be sewn through to.
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10mm black bone caps 10mm white bone caps 12mm black bone caps
12mm white bone caps 6mm black bone caps 6mm white bone caps
8mm black bone caps 8mm white bone caps 10mm black Rigelene boning
10mm white Rigelene boning 12mm black Rigelene boning 12mm white Rigelene boning
6mm black Rigelene boning 6mm white Rigelene boning 8mm black Rigelene boning
8mm white Rigelene boning
Woven bones are often referred to as "sew through boning" and were once made as Rigelene boning. Sold by the meter this boning is very light weight and is most often used on dress seams. Purchase the caps for the ends and sew the bone to the garment, sew through the bones and the caps to secure them in place.