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Millinery Hat Making Supplies | Fascinator Supplies

Millinery supplies are used for making hats, and you'll find millinery wire and veiling here.

All items on this page need to be ordered in full meter lengths
as the system does not accept decimals.

Click here to see our article on "How to Create a Wired Ruff" using millinery wire
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Millinery Buckram Millinery Buckram fine weave black millinery wire, 16 gauge
Buckram, loose weave 29 inch wide
Price per meter C$11.35
Millinery buckram, white with an open weave. Approximately 29 inches wide. Millinery buckram, white with an closed weave. Approximately 23 inches wide. hat wire/millinery wire 16 gauge black 30yd coil
white millinery wire, 16 gauge black millinery wire, 19 gauge white millinery wire, 19 gauge
hat wire/millinery wire 16 gauge white 30yd coil hat wire/millinery wire 19 gauge black 20yd coil hat wire/millinery wire 19 gauge white 20yd coil
black millinery wire, 21 gauge white millinery wire, 21 gauge Nylon veiling, white
nylon net veiling 300 cm/White
Price per Meter C$11.70
hat wire/millinery wire 21 gauge black 60yd coil hat wire/millinery wire 21 gauge white 60yd coil nylon net veiling 300 cm white
The products on this page can be used for things other than hat making.
Millinery wire (also known as hat wire) can be a bit difficult to work with as it's quite soft, but this also means it can be shaped - unlike spring steel. You can use beading wire or even strong thread to connect intersections of the wire and secure the joins with jewel glue that dries clear. Millinery wire is used to create the shape for straw bonnets.
Nylon veiling
is drapes beautifully and is not at all puffy like tulle. It to can be used for many other things that veils; tutu panties are made from this using two layers, it's also used for net dress layers in lingerie. If you've never worked with it - buy just a meter, it's light weight, relatively inexpensive and it's 300cm wide! That's 118 inches.