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Hoop steel is available in 3 sizes and various weights and styles to suit many purposes. It can be used as steel corset boning and for creating cage crinolines, bustles, mascot bodies and various costume shapes. Both options of hoop wire/ steel require tin snips to cut. There are a few styles available and you should be aware of the differences:

  • Thread covered hoop steel ("crin steel") is ideal for hoop skirt boning, can be bent but not easily, and comes in 2 widths and two colours. The narrowest option is known as tutu steel as it is commonly used in tutus for partner work. The advantage of this hoop steel is that it can be stitched and attached more easily to fabric. This option is not ideal for corset boning, as it is not easily slide into casings.
  • Plastic coated hoop steel is ideal for various costume and garment uses, including corset boning, bustle building and hoop skirts. This comes in varying widths and weights.

If you run across any problems while working on your creations, make your way over to our tips and tricks knowledge base, full of common creation problems in working with spiral boning and ways to address them.

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Bone Tipping Dies for tipping 11mm bones, fit hand press tool Dies for tipping 7/16" bones w pliers Flat hoop connector fits 10mm wide hoop steel
Flat hoop connector for 14mm wide hoop steel 10mm wide hoop wire, 3/8 inch plastic hoop steel tips
14mm wide hoop wire, 1/2" wide 6mm wide hoop wire, 1/4" wide Shrinkable tips for hoop steel
black thread covered tutu steel 4.75mm white thread covered crin steel 4.75mm black crin steel. 9.5mm
white tutu steel, 9.5mm 6mm spiral bone tips 11mm spiral bone tips
50-8406-06 is 6mm (1/4 inch) wide by .6mm thick; it was brought in, for those who build a lot of corsets, to limit waste however it's strength makes it popular for historical multi hoop cages. Rather than cutting pre-tipped spring steels for corsets and having pieces left over which are too small to use, cut just the lengths you need from this which is sold by the metre. It is not easy to cut and requires bolt cutters rather than tin snips. You can use "U" tips 91-8015-06 to tip the ends. You can also use this product for hoops, be sure to tip the ends, and cut the steel at least 8" (20cm) longer than the hoop length needs to be so there is a good overlap, you can then simply overlap them in the casing or you can tape them together.

50-8405-10 is 10mm (3/8 inch approx) wide X .5mm thick; it's a relatively light weight hoop steel and is better used for bustles and small hoops rather than large hoops (unless several hoops are incorporated). This product does work well for Civil War hoops where several hoops are used to create shape and support light weight fabrics. The full 30 meter coil will make 1 Civil War hoop that will be light, move easily and not rust or get bent out of shape, while still allowing gracefull movement through the smallest doors. Use Tin snips to cut and apply 00-8400-11 (hoop connectors) to make hoops.

50-8406-14 is 14mm(9/16inch approx)wide X .55mm thick
this is our strongest hoop steel which is capable of supporting large hoops and heavy fabrics without collapsing. It cannot be used for the tighter curves required by a bustle but is the ultimate for Farthingales and Mascot Bodies. Use tin snips to cut it and apply 00-8400-14 (hoop connectors) to make hoops.

These hoop steels are made of spring steel and the ties that bind the coils should never be cut. This is because you will have a complete release of the wound up coil and spring steel naturally wants to "spring" out straight, which is what makes if perfect for hoops!

Making a MASCOT - consider hoop steel for flexibility and durability.

Making a CHILD'S COSTUME - look at our German Plastic Boning for a safer alternative.