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Our selection includes an array of corset mesh fabric, tutu net and crinoline. Crinoline is sometimes spelled crinalin, regardless it's a stiff starched cotton that looks a bit like cheese cloth. Our nets are nylon and the mesh is a popular new corset making material. Crinoline fabrics are fabrics used for the construction of . . . crinolines! While originally made of horsehair they can be almost any fiber and either a woven solid, woven mesh or net. Crinolines were worn during various time periods beginning in the 1800’s and were of several different styles. Crinolines tend to be of "stiff" fabric and/or steel hoops as in the hoop petticoat and cage crinoline. Petticoats are not crinolines but were worn over top of crinolines and bustles. All of the fabrics listed below are nylon and may dye but are not guaranteed to do so.

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Our tips and tricks section includes how to's regarding working with nylon netting fabric/ nylon mesh fabric. If you are in our area, we would love for you to join us for one of our in-store classes!

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Nylon veiling, white
Mesh/Black or White 150cm wide
Price per Centimeter (.4 inches) C$0.24

nylon net veiling 300 cm/White
Price per Meter C$11.70
Price per Meter C$10.60
SALE Price per Meter C$6.50

Light weight nylon mesh is suitable for corset making. nylon net veiling 300 cm white Diamond Net
white ticking
Soufle in Beige or Black/BEIGE
Price per Centimeter (.4 inches) C$0.20
petticoat cotton 42in (107cm) wide white Use this product when you want it tool like there is no fabric! Think ballet or skating costume and evening gown bodice. Tulle
Tutu Net/Black,White or Warm White
Price per Meter C$8.00

tutu net , Italian - crisp 150cm (60 inch) tutu net , Italian - 150cm (60 inch)
We offer tutu net in three qualities "tutu net", "tutu net crisp" and tulle. The basic tutu net gets sold to ballet schools around the country and the tutu net crisp is the choice of ballet companies; both have a very consistent honey comb pattern and both are a perfect choice for the flat "pancake tutu". You can use these tutu nets for any project that requires full skirt support or a bustle....think 1950's, bridal crinolines, and puffed sleeves. Knowing that ballet companies around the world order out tutu net by the bolt tells us it's special.
Our tulle is most commonly purchased for romantic tutu's which are long and flowing but voluminous. The tulle we have is smooth and not inclined to stick to it's self. Made in Italy it's beautiful quality.
Nylon veiling is designed for bridal veils and drapes beautifully but the most amazing thing about it, is that ballet companies are loving it for the "tutu panty". It's soft but incredibly durable and can be dyed - the multiple rows of tutu net can be sewn to it; use two layers of nylon veiling for the "tutu panty".
Corset mesh is a fine nylon mesh - think of a window screen but finer! It's super durable and was the support fabric of choice for all the capes in the movie "300".