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We offer a vast selection of corset making supplies all created for the utmost durability. If you’re looking for corset boning, our selection includes both spiral boning and spring steel boning as well as a variety of superior plastic corset boning well suited for a variety of projects from hat making (millinery) to corsets or children’s costumes. Our Corset making kits take a lot of the guesswork out of your corset project. The kits include necessary corset making materials; corset fabric/ coutil, corset busks, and corset lacing and corset lacing tape (so you don’t have to set grommets), as well as any additional supplies and materials.

Need help figuring out how to choose which bones to use? Watch this video

If you run across any problems while working on your creations, make your way over to our tips and tricks knowledge base, which is full of common creation problems and ways to address them. Still need to learn more about corset making, check out some classes!

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herringbone coutil soft, beige herringbone coutil soft, black herringbone coutil soft, unbleached
very find herringbone coutil, beige very fine herringbone coutil, black Very fine herringbone coutil, white
Herringbone coutil, beige 56 inch wide
Price per METER C$32.00

Herringbone coutil, black 56 inch wide
Price per METER C$32.00

Herringbone coutil, white 56 inch wide
Price per METER C$32.00

matte satin coutil, black coutil sample pack satin coutil, black
Sample pack of coutil only
Price per Pack C$11.85
1/4" spiral bone by the meter 1/4" spiral bone for corset making 7/17 inch wide spiral bones, coiled
Spiral corset bone 3/8 inch wide spot broche, dot coutil black w red spot broche, dot coutil cream w pink
spot broche, dot coutil black spot broche, dot coutil black w grey spot broche, dot coutil white
Spot Coutil, black 54 inch wide
Price per METER C$50.00

Spot Coutil, white 54 inch wide
Price per METER C$50.00

Spring Steel Corset Bone 1/4 inch wide 1/4 inch spring steel bones, 6mm wide 8mm wide spring steel bone 5/16 inch
Quality corset making supplies make long lasting corsets. Choose from over 25 qualities of coutil; herringbone coutil, brocade coutil, satin coutil or matte satin coutil all in white, beige, black or a combination. Busks come in 3 styles and 5 colours; silver busk, black busk, gold busk, antique brass busk or dimond busk are all straight busks and lengths range from 7 inches to 18 inches long. Spoon busks are historically accurate to the late 1800's and wide busks are more commonly used for Opera corsets and men's corsets.
Corset bones are chosen based on the shape of the corset and the body it is encasing. The best corsets have a mix of spiral steel bones (which are very flexible, and spring steel bones (which are more rigid). Plastic bones are often considered too weak for corsets but German Plastic bones work well for corset construction and are a great choice for novice corset makers.