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Our corset lacing is all sold by the meter ( a meter is 3inches longer than a yard). If you need 6 yards order 6 meters and you'll have a bit more than you need. You do need to order full meters and cannot order anything like 6.5, so please round up to the nearest meter, to order.

Note: 1 meter is 3 inches longer than 1 yard.

How much corset lacing do you need?
An average is 4 meters for a waist cincher corset, 7 meters for an under-bust corset and 9 meters for an over-bust corset. This is an average only!

Click here to see our article on "How to Use Shrink Tips" to finish corset lacing ends.
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corset lacing ribbon, beige satin corset lacing ribbon, black satin corset lacing ribbon, white satin
cable, cord, 2mil diameter, black cable cord, 2mil diameter, white Corset lacing, white nylon braid
cable cord 2 mm diam. BLACK
Price per Meter C$1.00
Cable Cord 2 mm diam. WHITE
Price per Meter C$1.00
Flat braid lacing, 100% Nylon WHITE
Price per Meter C$0.65

Corset lacing, black nylon braid lacing round, cotton black lacing round, cotton white
Flat braid lacing. 100% Nylon BLACK
Price per Meter C$0.65

lacing round, cotton black
Price per Meter C$1.30
lacing round, cotton white
Price per Meter C$1.30

Shrinkable tips for corset laces