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Corset Busks

A busk is the front closure of a corset. Busks come in various lengths, shapes and colours so you can co-ordinate then with your fashion fabric, corset style and body type.

Farthingales strives to provide only the highest quality steel busks, and our goal is to be your go-to corset busk supplier! If you are in our area, stop by for one of our in store classes. Otherwise, tips and tricks knowledgebase is full of valuable information for building your top-of-the line corset.

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Corset busk, Antique Brass Black corset busks corset busk with diamond knobs
Corset busk with nickel hardware Gold corset busk Silver corset busk w extra knobs and loops
Spoon busk corset clasp wide corset busks
A corset busk is usually just called a "busk" and a busk is a two part clasp used to close a corset. Opening busks , also known as front busks, were developed in the 1830's and enabled women to get into and out of their corset without assistance. Originally there was only the "straight busk" but in the late 1800's the "spoon busk" was developed; the bowl of the spoon should cup the tummy. Today busks are not just for function as corsets are now worn for fashion as well as underwear, as a result we now have antique brass busks, black busks, diamond busks and gold busks and the traditional silver busks so you can choose a colour to coordinate with your fashion fabric. Less commonly needed but sometimes essential is the "wide busk" which is the least flexible and more often used for men's corsets and opera corsets for larger women. Yes, you can sing wearing a corset. In fact you can sing better; hold note longer and have a wider range - because you can push your diaphram against the busk. Opera singers are some of our biggest fans...next to Burlesque dancers!