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Cage crinolins can be a challenge but the patterns make them a lot easier and there are a few to choose from.

Not sure how to make each hoop? Watch this short video How to Make Hoops or this longer more extensive video Basics of Cage Crinoline Building
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Cage crinoline kit supplies; pattern, hoop wire, ribbon Eliptical cage crinoline supplies Cage Crinoline pattern (Elliptical)
Cage Crinoline Kit, Mini White
Price per Kit C$90.00
pattern, Hoops & Bustles 1856-1889 pattern, Panniers 1720-1780 Cage Crinoline pattern (round)
pattern, Hoops & Bustles 1856-1889
Price per Pattern C$20.00
pattern, Panniers 1720-1780
Price per Pattern C$20.00
pattern, Round Cage Crinoline 1860
Price per Pattern C$20.00
pattern, Spanish Farthingale  1480-1600