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We stock various buckles, check out the selection of roller buckles, slide buckles and garter buckles as well as corset swing hooks.

Buy 12 pieces (1 dozen) and save.

The grid, upon which the products were photographed, is made up of 1/4 inch (approx. 6mm) squares.
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5/8" antique brass roller buckle 1/2" roller buckle, nickel 5/8" roller buckle, nickel
3/4" roller buckle, nickle 1" roller buckle 13mm roller buckle, nickel
19mm slider buckle with teeth Corset swing hook antique brass, large Corset swing hook antique nickel, large
corset swing hook brass, large corset swing hook nickel, large corset swing hook antique brass, small
Corset Swing Hook lg - brass
Price for One C$8.20
Corset Swing Hook lg - nickle
Price for One C$4.45

corset swing hook brass, small corset swing hook nickel, small 3/4" silver roller buckle
Corset Swing Hook sm - brass
Price for One C$6.50
Corset Swing Hook sm - nickle
Price for One C$3.65