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Bone Casing Tape

The grid upon which these products are displayed is made up of 1/4" squares.Each bone style/size will have the casings that fit it listed underneath the description and each bone casing item will have some bone options that fit listed below their description. Always scroll down the pages to see all relevant information.

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Bone casing tape, beige 3/4" Bone casing tape, black, 1/2" Bone casing tape, black 3/4"
Bone casing tape, white 1/2" Bone casing tape, white 3/4" Prussian tape, white 3/8"
Bone Casing Tape - White 1/2 inch (14mm)
Price per Meter C$1.70

Bone Casing Tape - White 3/4 inch (19mm)
Price per Meter C$2.25

Prussian tape, white 3/8" Prussian tape, black 5/8" Prussian tape, white 5/8"
Bone casing tape is a woven tube into which you can slide corset bones, after the bone casing tape has been sewn onto the corset. This is the best way to hold corset bones in a corset. Alternatively there is "Prussian Tape" which is a tightly woven twill tape and not a tube; it creates a minimal bulk bone casing.