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How to Apply Boned Lacing Tape
Applying Lacing Tape with Bone Casing To ascertain the length of lacing tape you need, measure the back edge of your corset where the lacing tape will be sewn to. (Note: you may have to remove
How To Use Lacing Tape
How To Use Lacing Tape Our lacing tape is made of a strip of interfaced woven nylon that has eyelets set in it, the tape is very stable and strong. The eyelets are evenly spaced and uniformly s
How To Cover Corset Laces
Covered Lacing Cord You’ve just built an amazing purple corset with dark red accents and the only cording available is white or black – not what you want to finish your work of art. Try cov
Instructions for Panniers 1720 - 1780
Hooped Petticoat / Panniers 1720 - 1780 The hooped petticoat of this time period may be known to some as "panniers" or "hip improvers". This steel structured undergarment adds li
Materials Requirements for Elliptical Cage and Round Cage
Truly Victorian Elliptical Cage and Round Cage Materials Requirements Product Number Product Description Qty for Elliptical Cage Qty for Round Cage Links to pages to order items from Fabric @ 45”(1
Instructions for Simplicity Corset 9769
Simplicity Corset Pattern #9769 Authentic Civil War Corset, Chemise and Drawers The Simplicity Chemise is not a simple garment to construct. The pieces have been drafted with attention
Instructions for The Mantua Maker Elizabethan Corset Pattern
Tips & Tricks Elizabethan Corset – Pair of Bodies Pattern # 00-PATTERN-36 By The Mantua Maker Cut out your pattern pieces, you will need a shell and a lining
Information for Truly Victorian's Edwardian Corset Pattern
Truly Victorian Edwardian Corset The Truly Victorian "Edwardian" corset pattern is based on historical research on corsets of 1903. It has a low full bust and long hip a
Information for Mantua Makers Corset of 1860's & 1870's
The Mantua Maker Corset Pattern for 1865-1880 "The Underside of the 1860's & 1870's" Our number 00-pattern-33 The Mantua Maker Patterns are well drafted but the instruct
How to Build a Wired Ruff
The Building of an Elizabethan Wired Ruff Garment with wire ruff The wired ruff is not built in accordance with any body measurement; rather it is built according to the neckline shape of the bodice.
Making Piping Cord
Making Piping Cord Piping cord can be used to bind the top and bottom edges of a corset or bodice. Piping cord not only creates an attractive finish it allows you to shape the edges it is appli
Information for Truly Victorian Corset Pattern 1880's
Tips & Tricks The Truly Victorian 1880's Corset Pattern is a great starter corset pattern. The simple lines make it fairly easy sewing, however the instructions are not thorough so you need to have s
Working with Steel in Costume Building
Working with Steel in Costume Building Talk given by Linda Sparks, Farthingales, August 19, 2001 Along with the increase in demand for steel and costume building supplies, there has been