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Knowledge Base : how to use bias tape to bind an edge
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How to bind an edge with bias tape or petersham (Excerpt from
Binding the Edge of a Corset The following is an excerpt from the book "The Basics of Corset Building" , by Linda Sparks. You can order a copy of this book here through our secure shopping cart
How to Bind Crinoline Edges
Binding Crinoline Edges Tightly woven crinoline fabrics such as "paper nylon", "nylon voile" and "cotton organdy" are not a problem. The hem edges can simply be turned up twice and stitched, th
Instructions for The Mantua Maker Elizabethan Corset Pattern
Tips & Tricks Elizabethan Corset – Pair of Bodies Pattern # 00-PATTERN-36 By The Mantua Maker Cut out your pattern pieces, you will need a shell and a lining
How to Build a Wired Ruff
The Building of an Elizabethan Wired Ruff Garment with wire ruff The wired ruff is not built in accordance with any body measurement; rather it is built according to the neckline shape of the bodice.