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How to Tip Corset Bones with Farthingales Bone Tipping Tool Pliers
The Prym Vario Pliers are the pliers that Farthingales' chose to develop their Bone Tipping dies for. Dritz sells a similar pair that will also work. These pliers fit even a small hand and take very
How to Tip Corset Bones with the Farthingales Hand Press Tool
Farthingales has developed special dies for use with their Hand Press eyelet setting tool. These dies can apply the aluminum "U" shaped caps to the ends of bones. Click here to see the H and Press Th
How to Tip Bones, Bone Tipping Instructions
Bone Tipping Instructions Applying the metal tips to bone ends takes a bit of practice and can be a bit frustrating to start with; which is why we include plastic bones in our corset kits. Tips #91-8
Working with Steel in Costume Building
Working with Steel in Costume Building Talk given by Linda Sparks, Farthingales, August 19, 2001 Along with the increase in demand for steel and costume building supplies, there has been