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A Bit About Corset Busks
There are several types of corset busk on the market and this short video gives you a bit of information about them. See our video "A Bit About Busks"
How to Apply Alternating Hook and Eye Tape
Tips & Tricks How to Apply Alternating Hook and Eye Tape (My apologies for the mess of this article - it was done originally in "word" and has got seriously messed up in trying to copy
How to Apply Boned Lacing Tape
Applying Lacing Tape with Bone Casing To ascertain the length of lacing tape you need, measure the back edge of your corset where the lacing tape will be sewn to. (Note: you may have to remove
How to Apply Corset Swing Hooks
First of all... "What is a corset swing hook?" A swing hook consists of two pieces; one piece is a simple plate with a small post in the center and two holes on either end
How to Apply Shrink Tips
Applying Shrink Tips Lacing tips are sold by the foot and are actually a shrinkable tube. 20-7070-00 clear 1/8"diameter before shrinking Cut a piece of tubing about ¾"
How to bind an edge with bias tape or petersham (Excerpt from
Binding the Edge of a Corset The following is an excerpt from the book "The Basics of Corset Building" , by Linda Sparks. You can order a copy of this book here through our secure shopping cart
How to Bind Crinoline Edges
Binding Crinoline Edges Tightly woven crinoline fabrics such as "paper nylon", "nylon voile" and "cotton organdy" are not a problem. The hem edges can simply be turned up twice and stitched, th
How to Build a Wired Ruff
The Building of an Elizabethan Wired Ruff Garment with wire ruff The wired ruff is not built in accordance with any body measurement; rather it is built according to the neckline shape of the bodice.
How to Cover Bra Cups
Tips & Tricks Covered Bra Cups Farthingales stocks two types of bra cups; one is lemon shaped (# 47-9040- ) and the other is shaped somewhat like an igloo (#coming soon ). Each
How To Cover Corset Laces
Covered Lacing Cord You’ve just built an amazing purple corset with dark red accents and the only cording available is white or black – not what you want to finish your work of art. Try cov
How to Get a Custom Corset
Want a Custom Made Corset? The Corset Makers listed here are customers of Farthingales. BE AWARE that we are not promoting or endorsing these people as in most cases we have never seen their wo
How to get yourself into a corset with front opening busk.
How to get yourself into a corset with front opening busk. The assumption is this will be easy, it’s not unless done properly. Please watch the video linked below for a demonstration.
How to Make Garters
How to Make Garters Making your own garters is simple and means you can design your own garters to! You don't even need a sewing machine, but we've used one here. Choose your su
How to Set Eyelets: Eyelet Setting Instructions
Eyelet Setting Instructions (These instructions are included with the Eyelet Setting Kit #54-8600-kit) Hammer Setting Eyelets If you have ever set grommets using a Hammer Setter y
How to Set Grommets: Basic Grommet Setting Tips
Basic Grommet Setting Tips Always test your setting technique on scrap of the same fabric and same number of layers. When hammer setting, always work on a stable surface which will not flex
How To Shorten a Finished Hoop Petticoat
How To Shorten a Finished Hoop Petticoat Plan A Take pintucks between the bone tapes.(#1) You can let them out later if the lady gets taller. Plan B Take it all
How to Tip Bones, Bone Tipping Instructions
Bone Tipping Instructions Applying the metal tips to bone ends takes a bit of practice and can be a bit frustrating to start with; which is why we include plastic bones in our corset kits. Tips #91-8
How to Tip Corset Bones with Farthingales Bone Tipping Tool Pliers
The Prym Vario Pliers are the pliers that Farthingales' chose to develop their Bone Tipping dies for. Dritz sells a similar pair that will also work. These pliers fit even a small hand and take very
How to Tip Corset Bones with the Farthingales Hand Press Tool
Farthingales has developed special dies for use with their Hand Press eyelet setting tool. These dies can apply the aluminum "U" shaped caps to the ends of bones. Click here to see the H and Press Th
How to use “Hoop Connectors”
How to use “Hoop Connectors” The "hoop connectors" were designed by one of our customers and Farthingales had them made. They are constructed of rust proof steel that increases the