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Materials Requirements for Laughing Moon Corsets
Last Updated: 09/10/2014


Victorian Underwear

Contents of Pattern 00-PATTERN-01

Laughing Moon Bone Chart for Silverado and Dore Corsets.

The following charts have been modified from those in the Laughing Moon Corset pattern to reflect metric size bones as sold by Farthingales. Corset sizes are listed down the left, bone lengths are listed across the top and quantities required are with in the chart with total bones required can be found on the left hand side.

PLEASE note that this is only a guide! If you notice the grading of the pattern gets longer as it gets bigger, this is not always the case with people. It is always best to buy the pattern, make a sample garment for fitting purposes and then order the bones that you have discovered you require based on measuring the sample garment after alterations. You may discover that A) you need different length bones and/or B) you need more/less of them. This will depend on personal choice and corset fit/support. Bones that are too long are very uncomfortable and can force holes in the corset fabric, getting the right length is very important.

View A: Dore Corset

Corset SizeBone LengthsBUSK Length
24 cm26 cm28 cm30 cm32 cm34 cm36 cmTOTAL
6282842412 inch
8282842412 inch
10824102412 inch
12824102412 inch
14264842413 inch
16264842413 inch
18284642413 inch
20284642413 inch
22842102413 inch
24842102414 inch
26282122414 inch

View B: Silverado Corset

Bone LengthsBUSK Length
26 cm28 cm30 cm32 cm34 cm36 cm38 cm40 cmTOTAL
648842412 inch
848842413 inch
102212442413 inch
122212442413 inch
14228482413 inch
16228482414 inch
1848842414 inch
2048842414 inch
222212442414 inch
242212442414 inch
2648482414 inch

Product List

This is just a possibility of what you might need, you can use the chart above as a genernal guidline for bone lengths and quantity.

PRODUCTDESCRIPTIONQTYClick on the term below for the page to order the item from
00-PATTERN-01pattern, Victorian underwear (2 corsets)pattern1 EAPattern with Boththe Silverado and the Dore corset
74-1140-01Coutil fine herringbone (140 cm)corset lining0.75 MCoutil
91-8550-12busk 12" 6 knob plastic coated (12 mm 1/2" wide)corset fastening1 PRBusks
47-8000-96SPIRAL BONES BY THE METER 1/4" (6 mm)corset10 MSpiral Bones
91-8015-06spiral bone tips 1/4" (6mm)corset40 EABone Tips
50-8206-30bones spring steel/pc. 6 mm x .6 mm x 30 cm (11 13/16")corset4 PCSpringSteel Bones
18-7781-20cable cord 2 mm diam. WHITEcorset2 MCable Cord for drawstring
04-7519-01twill tape, poly 19 mm natural (white)corset1.5 MTwill Tape for waist stay
05-7552-01Bias tape 2" wide, whitecorset edges3MBias Tape

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