Farthingales was created by Linda Sparks and the name for the company came from her then 11 year old daughter, who thought it was a pretty word in her costuming book for kids. Since the company sold structural components for costuming, including hoop steel for making "farthingales", the name was also appropriate. 

More than 20 years on the internet means we've seen a lot of changes in technology and some in style. While technology may have changed, Farthingales has not changed their products or many of their suppliers. We've sold the same steel products since the very beginning! Why? Because the quality is what it needs to be for our many theatrical customers. Our products stand the test of time.One of our suppliers was manufacturing the exact same product in the mid 1800's...that's got to say something about their quality.

One thing to look for is the "accessory" items. When you see an item scroll down to see the accessories - items that work with it! For example: when you see the garter tab you want, look below it for the elastic, slides and links that fit and match it.

Please NOTE: all sales are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. Currently a Canadian dollar is worth less than a US Dollar, less than a Euro and less than Pounds Sterling. This means your Credit Card Statement will list a lower amount in your own currency than is stated on our Sales Receipt. Currency rates are changing all the time so we added a "Currency Exchange Calculator" link to our left hand menu. Find the product you want (or even your order total) keep the total in mind then click the links, follow the instructitons and enter the amount to get an approximate value in your home currency. You'll find a link to a currency converter in the list, on the left side of the home page - just click our company name at the top of this page to go back there.

Find our "contact" information at the bottom of each page.

Farthingales is located in the Eastern Time Zone at:
379 Huron Street. Stratford, Ontario - However, we are not a retail store and cannot serve walk-in trade. You can place an order via this website and select "In-store Pick-up" if you will be in the area.
We are usually in the office from 9:00 - 2:00 Monday through Thursday and answer e-mails from home and on the road.

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