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Spiral steel bones are the most flexible bones and enhance curves. They're flexibility makes them a great choice for dancewear but they are not a good choice if you need a lot of support.
Spiral bones are made of steel, looking as if a fine coil of steel has been flattened. Spiral steel bones are available in three sizes, 3/16" (4mm), 1/4" (7mm) and 7/16"(10mm). The 1/4" comes either by the metre or in pre-tipped lengths (both in galvanized wire) and the 7/16" is sold by the metre in a grey galvanized colour and by the piece with a shiney zinc coating.Spiral bones have the most flexibility of all bones, being able to move both forwards and backwards and side to side. They are the best choice for a bodice that requires boning but is going to be worn for dance or other motion activities. They are not a good choice for front panels of bodices/corsets for women who wear a c-cup or more, unless you are using the 7/16" size. Spiral bones are the most flexible and least supportive. Bodices with these can be dry cleaned but not laundered with water.

You need to order full meters of this product when it is sold by the meter. The system does not accept anything like 9.5 so round the amount you need up to the next full meter.

Note: 1 meter is 3 inches longer than 1 yard

New to working with steel? See our article "Working with Steel"
Or watch the video "How to Cut Corset Bones"

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Bone Tipping Dies for 1/4" corset bones, fit a hand press Bone Tipping Dies for tipping 11mm bones, fit hand press tool Dies for tipping 7/16" bones w pliers
Bone tipping dies for 6mm or 1/4" bones, these fit the Farthingales Hand Press Tool Bone tipping dies for 11mm or 7/16" bones, these fit the Farthingales Hand Press Tool
Bone tipping dies for 11mm or 7/16" bones, these fit Prym and Dritz plier
Bone tipping dies for 6mm bones Bone tipping supplies; pliers, bone tipping dies, bone tips and corset boning plastic hoop steel tips
Bone Tipping Kit for 6mm (1/4") bones
Price per Kit C$88.99

Bone tipping dies for 6mm or 1/4" bones, these fit Prym and Dritz pliers Bone Tipping Starter Kit for 1/4" (6mm) bones. Includes 20 meters of boning! Plastic tips for 10mm and 11mm wide corset bones and hoop steel.
1/4" Spiral bones and bone tips Spiral corset bones, 144 pieces 1/4" spiral bone by the meter
Spiral Bones 1/4 in (6mm) wide Kit
Price per Kit C$25.70

This Spiral Bone Kit has10 metres spiral bones 1/4 in (6mm), 1/2 gross of tips and instructions. 1/4 inch (6mm) Sprial Bones by the Gross (144 pieces)

1/4 inch (6mm) wide Sprial Bones by the Meter

1/4" spiral bone for corset making 4mm spiral bones by the meter 7mm Spiral bones by the meter, extra thick
1/4 inch (6mm) Sprial Bones sold by the Piece

4mm wide spiral bones - use two side by side in a casing. Spiral bones - 7mm (more than 1/4" and less than 3/8") by 1mm - extra thick for extra support!
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Spiral corset bone 3/8 inch wide 6mm spiral bone tips 4mm spiral bone tips
10mm (7/16 inch) spiral bones are zinc plated sold by the piece Use these 1/4in U tips to cap the ends of cut bones 47-8000-series or 50-8206-series and 50-8406-06 Use these 3/16 inch U tips to cap the ends of 3/16 in spiral boning 91-8004-96
11mm spiral bone tips 7mm Bone Tips for Extra Thick Spiral Bones
U Tips for 7mm Spiral Bones
Price per Piece C$0.11

U Tips (spiral bone tips) 7/16 in (11mm) Bone caps, "U" tips to finish the extra thick 7mm spiral bones.